Banana bread with a twist

Banana bread is not only one of the most popular recipes on internet the last years, it is a perfect way to get rid of extra ripe bananas (let’s face it, it happened to everyone). It is a great weekend breakfast or a perfect 5 o’clock snack with a cup […]

Mini Lintz (Alsacian Christmas Cookies)

In Alsace, Christmas is a religion, an experience and an exciting event for most of its people. I adore Christmas and I really think I was made to live in the ‘Capital of Christmas’ 🙂 In december at Christmas markets you’ll find some delicious goodies like foie gras, mulled wine, […]

Mango and strawberry naked cake

Today I want to share my recipe of naked cake, one of the most instagram-able desserts of this summer! It is fluffy, creamy and yet very fresh, having a tasty mango and strawberry filling. You can certainly play with the flavours and the fruits, use whatever you and your family like the […]

Reversed soft apple cake

This is the dessert I prepared for my boyfriend’s birthday. I had to chose a simple yet delicious cake as he is an adept of non-creamed or custard cakes. This cake has multiple flavour layers that will develop gradually  as you start eating. You can chose to serve it with […]