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Quiche Lorraine

A classic french dish that would perfectly fit for breakfast, brunch or even dinner, with a fresh salad. It’s a shortcrust pastry filled with bacon  a savory custard and cheese. My version contains also mushrooms, Dijon seed mustard and ComptĂ© cheese, it’s more Carbonara style đź™‚ 

Main dishes

Scallops flambéed in Cognac

The very first recipe I would like to share is a dish my boyfriend always cooks for me for special dinners. Yesterday was the International Women’s Day,  so this french dish was on the menu.  We served it with spaetzles (traditional egg noodles original from Germany, Alsace, Switzerland and Austria) but […]

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My food journey

My name is Nicoleta and  from younger ages I was found about food. I love everything about it: I love cooking, I love discovering new recipes and flavours but mostly, I love sharing food with my beloved ones. I come from Moldova and I’ve been living in France for almost […]