Mackerel rillette

Rillettes are a French preparation of meat or fish similar to terrine or paté. It is so easy and not pretentious to make: in the meaty version you chose some fatty meat, you cook it for a long time with a great amount of salt and then you keep it […]


Tortilla chips dip sauce

This is a very easy and still delicious dipping that works perfectly with tortilla chips, but you can use it also for sandwiches, for wraps or even with cold quinoa as a salad. Also the ingredients are very cheap so it can be interesting for students 🙂 

Tarte soleil (Puff pastry sun tart)

This is a very easy and fast appetizer, perfect for the summer parties with family and friends. You can also change the filling and chose whatever you want. I used pesto sauce,  home-made sun dried tomatoes and Gruyère grated cheese.  Start cooking: Bon appétit!

Quiche Lorraine

A classic french dish that would perfectly fit for breakfast, brunch or even dinner, with a fresh salad. It’s a shortcrust pastry filled with bacon  a savory custard and cheese. My version contains also mushrooms, Dijon seed mustard and Compté cheese, it’s more Carbonara style 🙂