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Hey everyone! Today I will share the best Ratatouille recipe! It is a French-inspired vegetable dish. The classical recipe includes summer vegetables, such as zucchini, bell peppers and aubergines. It gets richness from the olive oil and freshness from the bunch of fresh herbs. My secret is adding some white […]

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Spinach and ricotta lasagna


 Today I prepared an Italian dish that gathers freshness, ooziness and flavour. It is great for your health as it contains lots of spinach-very rich in vitamins and minerals. Although it’s vegetarian-friendly, carnivores will be conquered by its richness and taste.  It is a great weekend lunch or dinner. If […]


Mini Lintz (Alsacian Christmas Cookies)

In Alsace, Christmas is a religion, an experience and an exciting event for most of its people. I adore Christmas and I really think I was made to live in the ‘Capital of Christmas’ In december at Christmas markets you’ll find some delicious goodies like foie gras, mulled wine, […]


Mango and strawberry naked cake


 Today I want to share my recipe of naked cake, one of the mostinstagram-abledesserts of this summer! It is fluffy, creamy and yet very fresh, having a tasty mango and strawberry filling. You can certainly play with the flavours and the fruits, use whatever you and your family like the […]

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Chicken and mushrooms ciulama with polenta


 This is a traditional Moldavian dish, and every timp I miss my home, this kind of dishes helps me to feel closer to my country. Even though one can say polenta is italian, in Moldova and Romania the traditional dish mamaliga is also made of cornmeal, but the preparation is […]